Un secolo di scritture fuori dal canone. La bibliografia come modello informatico per la ricerca

Alessia Scacchi


The aim of this research is to reconstruct the Italian bibliography of texts not included in the literary canon of the 20thcentury. The sources surveyed for this purpose include SBN, InternetCulturale, AIB, resources belonging to international research centres, and Google Books, consulted to double-check questionable information. Building the online bibliography required the definition of the structure of bibliographic data. The model adopted is based on the authority records issued by SBN, which associates authors with hyperlinks to the sources used to disambiguate the entity and validate the sources themselves. The survey includes first and subsequent editions of the texts. The objective of the research is to re-think the bio-bibliography of works belonging to the 20th century in the light of Digital Humanities.


Representation; Resources and Interoperability; Text Analysis and Digital Objects Processing; Literature


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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2532-8816/7288


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