Umanistica Digitale is the platinum open access journal of the Italian Association of Digital Humanities (AIUCD - Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale). In keeping with the objectives of the Association, Umanistica Digitale serves as a discussion venue for topics pertaining to the Digital Humanities, ranging from the theoretical and methodological foundations of computational models in social science to the development and application of computational systems and digital tools in the humanities; from the study of new phenomena in internet cultures, to the analysis of changes happening in scientific communication and in research infrastructures. Umanistica Digitale is a scientific journal targeted at a specific community; nevertheless, it aspires to become an open space, one that is accessible to as wide and varied an audience as possible in order to enrich its primary audience.

UD is an ANVUR scientific journal in CUN Areas 10 and 11 and Class A in various Sectors. UD is indexed in Scopus.


Umanistica Digitale goes rolling!


Dear colleagues

I am pleased to announce that Umanistica Digitale (UD,, the scientific journal of the AIUCD (, will become a rolling publication journal while maintaining its six-monthly periodicity. Accordingly, articles submitted by authors to the journal will be sent for processing immediately and published immediately after the end of the evaluation phase. Every six months, the issue will be closed in July and December, and the book reviews/project reports (that will not benefit from immediate publication for technical reasons) will be added.

This model has the advantage of making the publication of scientific papers submitted to UD much faster and of streamlining the editorial workload for both the evaluation and the editorial part while keeping the formality required by many academic evaluation and funding agencies.

We are convinced that in the domain of Digital Humanities, the timeliness with which a research product is made public and enters the scientific debate of the community is of utmost importance. In the near future, the editorial staff will assess the feasibility of further innovations such as open peer review.

Let me remind you that UD publishes articles in Italian and English, is indexed on Scopus ( Citescore 2023: 0.8) and is an A-level journal in many disciplinary areas for the Italian evaluation Agency ANVUR (mandatory for obtaining Italian professorship habilitation).

Therefore, the Editorial Board of UD would like to renew the invitation to send proposals to the global DH scientific community.

Best regards,
Fabio Ciotti
UD Editor-in-Chief

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