Digital Public History e design della partecipazione. Riflessioni e proposte a partire dalla Società Storica Spezzina

Stefano Capezzuto, Andrea Pedrotti


Società Storica Spezzina is a non-profit cultural association which aims to tighten the gap between La Spezia’s citizenship and its local history. By means of their website, the association embraces Digital Public History methodology to reach for the wider audience. The site is designed to be the meeting point where amateurs and professional historians can gather to discuss and to work together in some collaborative projects. In this paper, by introducing the concept of 'participation design', we present a different point of view about the role and the skills of a digital public historian. The website of Società Storica Spezzina provides us the opportunity to verify our theoretical hypothesis and to suggest some reflections and proposals.


La Spezia; Digital Public History; participation; Digital Humanities; local history; glocal

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2532-8816/8189


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