Progettazione e implementazione di nuove funzionalità per EVT 2: lo stato attuale dello sviluppo


  • Roberto Rosselli Del Turco Università di Torino
  • Chiara Di Pietro M.E.T.A. S.r.l. (Pisa)
  • Chiara Martignano Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia, Università di Firenze



digital philology, digital scholarly edition, digital textual criticism, markup, TEI, critical edition, web-edition


EVT (Edition Visualization Technology) is a software tool to publish Digital Scholarly Editions on the Web. Its development dates back to the start of this decade, and it can boast quite an interesting development history: it was started as a Project-Based Learning initiative within the scope of a single edition project, but it has evolved in a versatile tool valued and used by many researchers. The current development version is based on the beta that has been released in October 2017: it surely is more feature-rich if compared to the first alpha version released in July 2016, however it is still very much critical edition-oriented. A full version supporting diplomatic / interpretative editions, complete with a new, powerful image viewer and a search engine, will be released in the second half of 2019. This paper will report on EVT progress and it will also propose some remarks about its development and the research questions that it entails, namely: the problems that derive from designing an User Interface that must take into account a great number of elements interacting on different layers; the new features that will be introduced in the first stable version and the impact that they will have on the final users; the soundness of the open source development model and the relationship with other projects.



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Rosselli Del Turco, R., Di Pietro, C., & Martignano, C. (2019). Progettazione e implementazione di nuove funzionalità per EVT 2: lo stato attuale dello sviluppo. Umanistica Digitale, 3(7).