H. W. Gabler, Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and Other Essays, OpenBook Publishers (2018)

Carolina Rossi


Text Genetics in Literary Modernism is the title of the recent collection of essays from Hans Walter Gabler, published by OpenBook Publishers in 2018. The book shows, through sixteen stimulating contributions, the research itinerary of a scholar, critic and editor who has had a profound impact on the recent history of textual studies. Written in Gabler’s clear and fluent style, the book is addressed to the community of critics, editors, students and scholars of Editing and Literature (with a focus on two key authors of the Modernism: James Joyce and Virginia Woolf), in order to respond to a series of notional and practical issues on genetic criticism, on its application to the digital environment, on the compositional and structural analysis of a text and on its methodological implications. The arguments range from the critique génétique to the Digital Humanities, from the book design to the cultural canonization of the literary works. This volume ultimately affirms itself as an important contribution in this field of studies and it responds in an innovative and ambitious way to the necessity of strengthen dialogue between the study of texts and the digital word.


Text Genetics; Scholarly Editing; Digital Scholarly Edition; Literary Modernism; Author-centricity

DOI: 10.6092/issn.2532-8816/9421


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