Recensione: Fiormonte, Domenico. 2018. Per una critica del testo digitale. Letteratura, filologia e rete. Roma: Bulzoni

Christian D'Agata


Per una critica del testo digitale, the last book of Domenico Fiormonte, collects fifteen years of articles about the relationship between literature, philology, and the web. The review outlines the most relevant aspects of the research: from code policy to philology understood as a cultural approach that must not be limited to written texts but must use its own tools also with respect to algorithms. The book, divided into a theoretical-methodological and a practical part, presents the reflections on some experiences as Digital variants, the digital scholarly edition of some autographs of Italian and Spanish authors, making us enter the critic-coder's laboratory through real examples. Finally, the role of the interface in digital editions, the overcoming of the concept of variant as traditionally understood, and a reflection on the pragmatic model to be opposed to the postal model of Shannon and Weaver's communication – all of these elements belong to a thorough critique of the digital text.


Recensione; Filologia digitale; Testualità digitale e sociologia

DOI: 10.6092/issn.2532-8816/10592


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