Review: Zaccarello, Michelangelo (a cura di). 2019. Teoria e forme del testo digitale. Roma: Carocci


  • Alessia Luvisotto Università Ca' Foscari Venezia



copyright, tei, philology, collaboration, textual-scholarship, memory, conservation, tradition, social, problem


Teoria e forme del testo digitale (Carocci, 2019) edited by Michelangelo Zaccarello collects a translation of ten essays by the most influential authors on the theme of digital textuality, followed by an afterword by H. Wayne Storey. The introduction to Zaccarello's book examines the problems arising from the advent of the new digital medium, which will be discussed in the following pages; they are not only linked to the theme of representation and text encoding, but also affect the world of born digital literature and copyright, in an agile journey to rediscover the importance of philology.


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