Tracing a digital critical edition. The experience of the PhiBor project


  • Daniele Marotta Scuola Normale Superiore



digital humanities, project management , project management techniques, scholarly digital edition, data model


Over time, Digital Humanities have increasingly proven a powerful link between humanities and computer science. However, the internal debate within DH still leaves out the role that Project Management should play in defining models, methodologies and tools which are used in humanistic research. Despite the recognition of the important role of the project by scolars in the field, the project management is often ignored. This article aims to bring to light its contribution by taking into account each of the issues, starting from the experience of the PhiBor project. Managing the PhiBor project has highlighted some of the benefits resulting from project management techniques. These include activitiy tracking which can lead to the development of humanistic research and, in particular, the creation of a scholarly digital edition. These benefits concern both the definition of methodologies to be followed and the identification of variables and critical issues that influence the research.



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Marotta, D. (2021). Tracing a digital critical edition. The experience of the PhiBor project. Umanistica Digitale, (10), 89–114.