Modelling The Art Market in The Semantic Web. A Preliminary Analysis




Ontology engineering, Digital Art History, Art Market, Knowledge Representation, Semantic Web, Dossier Digital Art History


The paper presents the current stage of an ongoing project at the Fondazione Federico Zeri, aimed at the modelling of the art market starting from the recognition of the peculiarities of this sector and relying on the data collected by this institute during its research activities on its documentary collection. Specifically, this essay provides a preliminary analysis of the domain, aimed at guiding in the development of an ontology able to describe agents, events and sources which define the art market and enable its investigation. The recognition of existing conceptual models is hence followed by a reconstruction of the studied domain thanks to motivating scenario, examples and competency questions collected during the first iteration of the SAMOD methodology. For each scenario, the paper will provide the most relevant entities and will draft an alignment with existing ontologies, as well as propose necessary integrations.




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Veggi, M., & Mambelli, F. (2023). Modelling The Art Market in The Semantic Web. A Preliminary Analysis. Umanistica Digitale, 7(16), 141–166.